Our focus

Hunting and recruiting executives, specialists and trainees. To strengthen the bond, we are experts in corporate HR solutions to guarantee the attracting and retaining of the best professionals.

Our goals

Being the best ethically, providing compatible solutions requested by our clients.

topmanagerh hunting&HR consulting recrutamento executivo

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Our Vision​

Topmanagerh Hunting&HR cConsulting recrutamento executivo

Our Strengthen    
Topmanagerh Hunting&hr Consulting recrutamento executivo

Hunting/Executive Search

Identify the best professional requires time, resources and local market knowledge. The topmanagerh - hunting division - may be your local expert in identifying the best executives and/or representatives for your business.


We can assist your company and your local team in  the deployment and management of new policies and HR process. Contact us to know more about our solutions. 

We have the belief that each client is unique and requires objective answers for his needs.  

Contact us to know our solutions.

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